The GOWDY Family
North Carolina

Will of James Gowdy



State of North Carolina, Guilford County
The execution of the within (?) will was only proven in open court by the oaths of John Thompson and Archibald Wilson two of the ______witnessing_______and_________________________________________________


In the name of god amen I James Gowdy of the estate of North Carolina and County of Guilford, being of weak of body, but of sound mind and memory, and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men once to die to make this to be my last will and testament.

First, I commit my soul to god that gave it and my body to be buried, by my executors in a decent and Christian like manner.   Second, I give and bequeath to James Billingsley, son of Henry Billingsley, and Joel Murray, the tract of land that I now live on, to be divided in the following manner to wit.  To begin in the middle of the spring that I now make use of and to run or due north and south line from the middle of said spring to the out lines of my land, that part of my land lying on the west side of the sand line to belong to James Billingsley and that part lying the east side of said line to belong to Joel Murray for them to live on forever.  Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my sister Betsey Billingsley my white cow.   Fourth I give to Rebeckkah Murray, daughter of Joel Murray one cow named Starry.   Fifth, I give and bequeath my desk to Rebeckkah Ross, daughter of John Ross ______.   Sixth, it is my will that my brother Robert Gowdy have my rifle gun.  Seventh, it is also my will that my brother John Gowdy have my watch and a pair of sleeve buttons; 8th and that my sister Sarah Anderson have my large and small bibles; 9th it is my will that the balance of my property be sold, my debts paid, and allow my executors to appropriate twenty dollars, arising from such sales, to the use of Thomas Wilson, son of Archable Wilson in paying for schooling for him, and the balance if any to be equally divided amongst Henry Billingsley's children, James Billings and Jean Murray excepted; 10th I give and bequeath my wearing apparel to William Billingsley except my regimental coat which I allow to James Billingsley; lastly it is my will that the balance of my estate that is to be divided amongst Henry Billingsley's children, is to be paid the them by my executor as they come of age, with interest from time it comes into my executors hands.  I do make this to be my last will and so hereby appoint Hanie (?) McCain to be my executor to the above will, sealed with my seal and dated this 22 day of January 1809.  Signed in the presence of John Thompson, (?) Wilson.

James Gowdy (Seal)