The Will of John Gowdy

State of South Carolina
Abbeville District
In the Name of God Amen,

I, John Gowdy of the Estate and District aforesaid being weak and frail in body but of sound and disposing mind and being admonished by my present bodily affliction that my life is short and also being desirous to make some disposition of My wordly Effects do Make and ordain this to be my last will and testament.

And 1st. I consign My body to the dust from whence it Came and My spirit to God who gave it.

Item 2nd. It is my desire that my family, to wit, My beloved wife, My Son Robert M. Gowdy and My daughters Eliza and Jane Should remain together during the life of my wife.

Item 3rd. It is my will and desire that my property both real and personal should remain together during the life of My beloved wife, unless she desires its to be sold sooner and if so she is at liberty to have a part or the whole of it disposed of at any time she thinks proper.

Item 4th. Whenever my property is disposed of whither before or after the death of my wife it is my will that Each of My children should share and Share a like with the Exception of my daughters Eliza and Jane who are to receive Each one hundred dollars more than an Equal distribution share of my Estate - the children of my deceased daughter Nancy who was wife of James Cunningham are to receive the share that would be coming to their mother if she was alive.

Item 5th. It is My will and desire that my friend David Kellar Esqr and my beloved son Robert M. Gowdy should act as the Executors of this my last will and testament.

Signed and sealed published and delivered and acknowledged to be my last will and testament this twenty seventh day of April one thousand Eight hundred and forty six.

In the presence of G.W. Cromer, James Irwin, Issac Branch, John Gowdy (L.S.)