The GOWDY Family

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Gowdy reunion in El Dorado, Kansas on Memorial Day 2002.  Robert Gowdy is on the left next to his wife (brunette holding their son Ryan).  Robert's daughters are in front, Erin is holding the sign and Kristen is seated next to her.  Robert's mom, Jean is seated on the other side of Erin.  Robert's dad, Bobby Joe is in the second row - one arm.   Robert's brothers, David (white hair) and Tom are standing behind Bobby Joe.   Robert's brother Kenneth (the doctor) is standing on the other side of the group next to my brother Bryan (the one with the leg brace).

Robert Gowdy
Robert Gowdy grandson of Perry Gowdy (Vernon L. Gowdy, Sr.'s brother) recently retired from Microsoft after 11+ years and now lives in Illinois.  Robert is Chairman and CEO of Griffin Bay Limited Partners, LLC, based in Seattle. Robert's family includes Suzanne Gowdy (wife), Kristen Mary Gowdy (daughter - born 1/13/92), Erin Anna Gowdy (daughter - born 2/5/1998), Ryan Christopher Gowdy - (son - born 11/10/1999), Marc Allan Gowdy (son - born 3/30/76 - marriage to Debby McBee - divorced 5/81).




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