Descendants of Michael Ryan


Generation No. 1

1. MICHAEL1 RYAN was born in Ireland.

Children of MICHAEL RYAN are:

2. i. ABIGAIL2 RYAN, b. 11 Sep 1743, Ireland; d. 06 May 1838, Greene Co., Ohio.

3. ii. JOHN RYAN, b. 1739, Ireland; d. 1836, Pennsylvania.


Generation No. 2

2. ABIGAIL2 RYAN (MICHAEL1) was born 11 Sep 1743 in Ireland, and died 06 May 1838 in Greene Co., Ohio. She married JOHN GOWDY 15 Jun 1774, son of JAMES GOWDY and MARY BOYD. He was born 05 Nov 1742 in Newcastle, Delaware, and died 18 Nov 1814 in Greene Co., Ohio.

Notes for JOHN GOWDY:



John Gowdy, second son of James and Mary Boyd Gowdy, was born in

Newcastle County, Delaware, Nov.5th, 1742, and is said to have moved to the State of Pennsylvania about the year 1760 along with others who were his

kindred. John Gowdy located first at the north bend of the Ohio River about

1782, but owing to military troubles, he was compelled to remove to the military station at the falls of the Ohio and thence to a settlement since known as Mount

Sterling, Kentucky, where he lived till about 1809, when he and his family went

to Greene County, Ohio, and settled on a farm which has since been the Gowdy

homestead. He married ABIGAIL RYAN, daughter of MICHAEL RYAN from the

north of Ireland, June 15th, 1774, with whom he lived 42 years, and by whom he

had issue eleven children, nearly all of whom lived to be married and raised

families. There were two versions of the history of this family and the genealogy

and biography disagree. John Gowdy served during the war of 1812 and his

name appears in the records of the officers. He was a private in the company

of Capt. James Murray and went into the army in November or December, 1775.

He was present at the battles of Trenton and Pruston. He was a private in the 4th

battalion from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, commanded by Capt. James Burd,

Nov. 13th, 1776. In a return of Capt. Richard Manning of the 4th battalion Lancaster troops, March 13th, 1776, he was mentioned as a private soldier.

During these terms of service, he was accompanied by his brother, Robert Gowdy and brother-in-law, John Ryan. He died Nov. 18th, 1814. His widow,

born Sept.11, 1743, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Peter Jacoby, May 6th,1838, aged 84 years and 8 months lacking 5 days. John and Abigail Gowdy

were devoted communicants of the Presbyterian church and lived consistent with

their creed. Names of their children, Mary, James, Samuel, Robert, Martha, Jane, John, Alexander, Ryan, Abigail and Sarah.

Children of ABIGAIL RYAN and JOHN GOWDY are:

4. i. RYAN3 GOWDY, b. 03 Feb 1795, Lancaster County, PA; d. Xenia , Ohio.

5. ii. JAMES GOWDY, b. 20 May 1777, Lancaster County, PA; d. 24 Jul 1853, Xenia , Ohio, buried in old Associate Reformed Graveyard,East Third St..

iii. SAMUEL GOWDY, b. 09 Jan 1780.

iv. COL. ROBERT GOWDY, b. 04 Apr 1782.

v. MARTHA GOWDY, b. 27 Jan 1785.

vi. JANE GOWDY, b. 31 May 1787.

vii. REV. JOHN GOWDY, b. 03 Aug 1789.

viii. ALEXANDER GOWDY, b. 02 Apr 1792.

ix. ABIGAIL GOWDY, b. 17 Jul 1797.

x. SARAH GOWDY, b. 06 Mar 1803.


3. JOHN2 RYAN (MICHAEL1) was born 1739 in Ireland, and died 1836 in Pennsylvania. He married JANE GOWDY 13 Aug 1774 in Paxtang, PA. by Rev. John Elder, Presbyterian. She was born in Fort Hunter, Fisher Creek, Pennsylvania, and died in Pennsylvania.

Children of JOHN RYAN and JANE GOWDY are:








Generation No. 3

4. RYAN3 GOWDY (ABIGAIL2 RYAN, MICHAEL1) was born 03 Feb 1795 in Lancaster County, PA, and died in Xenia , Ohio. He married (1) NANCY MORGAN. He married (2) DIANA MORGAN 03 Oct 1822, daughter of JAMES MORGAN and ELIZABETH. She was born 11 Nov 1800 in Xenia , Ohio, and died 10 Oct 1827 in Xenia , Ohio.

Notes for RYAN GOWDY:

Ryan Gowdy, sixth son of John and Abigail (Ryan)Gowdy was born in Lancaster

Co., PA., Feb.3rd, 1795. Another record has it, "born in Mercer Co.,Ky." same date. He came to Xenia, Ohio, in the year 1816, when, though but a lad of

eleven years, he accepted a clerkship in the small store of his older brother,

James Gowdy, where he continued until he reached his majority and went into

business for himself. He is said to have made his mark in the improvement of

Xenia. In 1827 he built a large and substantial brick house on the south-west

corner of Maine and Detroit Streets where he opened a store and made

improvements. He subsequently purchased a large brick house on Main Street

opposite the Court House. Here in partnership with his brother, Col. John Gowdy,

he opened another store. Some years later he went to Missouri, but did not long

remain. Returning to Xenia, he opened a grocery and provision store on the

corner of Maine and Whitman Streets. In 1833, he was elected Commissioner

of Greene County and on the 4th of July, 1836, he met with the Board for the last

time.During this service a large and superior jail was built, and it was largely through his efforts that a large 2 story brick markethouse was erected on the

public square. He was also , in the years 1819 and 1820, Treasurer of Greene

County. In 1848, he closed his business in Xenia and the following year went to

California by the overland route, and thence to Oregon, but soon returned to

San Francisco. He was not fortunate in the land of gold. Though he traveled

hundreds of miles in California, he found nothing better than his home-land had

afforded him. Though a business man from training and experience, teaching was his chosen vocation and he became a successful instructor and his

professional services were always in demand. He had been teaching in Richland County about 3 years when he was incapacitated by his last illness,

which terminated fatally in five days. During his early years, he was very

fastidious about his clothing and dressed with elegance. He had some eccentricities, was versatile, of fluent conversation, of ready wit, possessed of

originality, mirth-provoking humor and caustic sarcasm. He had the experience

of quite extensive business transactions, political distinction, wide travel, and

vicissitudes incident to a life of activity, and was well versed in the knowledge

of human nature. Ryan Gowdy was twice married, his wives being sisters, named Diana Morgan and Nancy Morgan. There were 5 children of whom we have some account. There is a plat of ground enclosed by a brick wall in the

cemetary at Xenia, Ohio, about 4 feet in height within which there are inscriptions

as follows: Diana, wife of Ryan Gowdy, daughter of James and Elizabeth Morgan, born Nov. 11th, 1800; was married Oct. 3rd, 1822; died Oct. 10th, 1827.

This was his first wife.


Transposed from a written family history by James Gowdy, Xenia, Ohio.

Children of RYAN GOWDY and NANCY MORGAN are:



6. iii. SARAH GOWDY.

Children of RYAN GOWDY and DIANA MORGAN are:

7. iv. RYAN4 GOWDY, b. 1818, Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio; d. 18 Apr 1882, Shelby County, IL,Shelbyville, IL.

v. JOHN MORGAN GOWDY, b. 13 Sep 1824, Xenia , Ohio; d. 06 Aug 1846, Gowdy Cemetary, Xenia, Ohio.


Fact 1: John Morgan is buried in the "GowdyCemetary" within a brick wall enclosure....

Fact 2: beside his mother.



5. JAMES3 GOWDY (ABIGAIL2 RYAN, MICHAEL1) was born 20 May 1777 in Lancaster County, PA, and died 24 Jul 1853 in Xenia , Ohio, buried in old Associate Reformed Graveyard,East Third St.. He married (1) JOANNA TOWNSLEY 27 Jan 1814, daughter of THOMAS TOWNSLEY and SARAH. She was born 1789, and died 25 Jul 1817. He married (2) SARAH BROWN 11 Nov 1819 in Ohio, daughter of JOHN BROWN and MARGARET. She was born 1789 in Northumberland Co., PA, and died 06 Mar 1829 in Xenia , Ohio. He married (3) JANE PURDY 23 Apr 1832 in Mansfield, Ohio, daughter of PATRICK PURDY and JANE. She died 24 Jul 1843 in Xenia , Ohio.

Children of JAMES GOWDY and SARAH BROWN are:

i. JOHN BROWN4 GOWDY, b. 02 Sep 1820.

ii. JAMES RYAN GOWDY, b. 01 May 1822.

iii. REV. GEORGE WASHINGTON GOWDY, b. 29 Jun 1823.

iv. ABIGAIL JOANNA GOWDY, b. 01 Oct 1824.

v. SAMUEL GOWDY, b. 14 Jul 1826.

vi. PHILANDER GOWDY, b. 04 Feb 1829.


Fact 1: died June 10th, 1829 & had a twin brother who died just 9 hrs. after birth.


Generation No. 4

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