The GOWDY Family

Obituaries from Blue Mountain Newspapers


W. J. GOUDY, SR. - June 15, 1916, Southern Sentinel
The subject of this sketch, Mr. W. J. Goudy, Sr., was born in South Carolina on the 29th day of February, 1840.

At an early age he moved to Mississippi with his father's family.  On Nov. 22nd, 1866 he was married to Miss M. A. Davenport.  He died May 7th, 1916, at the age of 76 years, two months and eight days.

Such are the principal facts that will mark the stone over the last resting place of one of our noblest, purest, most consecrated and useful citizens.  But the thing that made his life what it was; the things that it takes to constitute such a character as his cannot be portrayed on a marble stone.

His life was one well worthy of notice and emulation - a life of simplicity and humbleness in which love for his fellow man and an earnest devotion to his God, reigned supreme - a life not turned and tossed by the waves of temptation and sin but one as blissful and serene as the sun-kissed waters of Siloam.

Mr. Gowdy spent his life in service of his Master.  He was, a friend to the poor as well as the rich, to the young and to the old alike, to the white and black, and his personal affairs never so absorbed his time as to cause him to grow negligent of the needs of his neighbors and friends.

No man, woman or child, ever went to him for a kindness and left empty-handed, and for many years his tender love for others has been especily manifested in the care and attention he has given to our local cemetery. Many trips has he made to the "City of the Dead" to show some friend the grave of a loved one.

His life was one of usefulness and honor and the tender devotion to his family, to his neighbor, to his church, and to all about him made him a man loved and honored by everybody.

While he had realized for some time that the evening shadows of life were lengthening and the sun was sinking low in the western horizon, and same faith that had guided his footsteps through life, grew stronger and stronger till he quietly and peacefully passed out of this world to live the life of the righteous beyond the grave.

The tender expressions of love for his old friend and neighbor by Rev. W. E. Berry who conducted the funeral service, the beautiful tribute to his record as a soldier by Capt. Thomas Spight and the large crowd of friends and loved ones who gathered about the home on the evening of the funeral were evidences of the esteem in which he was held by those who knew him.

After the funeral services at the home the body was tenderly laid away in Macedonai cemetery beside those of his wife and four children to silently waith beneath the stars of heaven till the morning for the resurrection.  L. A. H.


W. J. Goudy, Sr., died May 7, born in South Carolina, Feb 29, 1840, came to Mississippi with his father at an early age.   W. J. Goudy, Sr. married M. A. Davenport, Nov. 22, 1866.  W. J. Gowdy, Sr. is buried beside his wife and four children at Blue Mountain.