The GOWDY Family
South Carolina

Henry Gowdy - submitted by GeriGowdy Pontiff

Henry Gowdy and Louvinia Gowdy had the following children: Audry Gowdy Cannon, Roberta Gowdy Dukes, Orie Gowdy Cole, Virginia Gowdy Floyd, Harry Gowdy, Ernest Gowdy and Dwight Emory Gowdy. Dwight Gowdy married Theodosia Bennett (both were born and raised around Turbeville and New Zion, South Carolina) and had the following children, Geraldine (Geri) Gowdy Pontiff, Shelby Jean Gowdy Pontiff (Geraldine and Shelby married brothers), and one son Merrill Emory Gowdy who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The only surviving children of Henry Gowdy is Virginia Floyd, Orie Cole and Harry Gowdy. See additional photographs.

The following photos of the family below are from left to right: Dwight Emory Gowdy as a young man, Eric Pontiff and Geri Gowdy Pontiff, Louvinia Gowdy (who passed away in 1943), Louvinia Gowdy and Shelby Gowdy Pontiff, Henry Gowdy with friend Mr. Ira, 1982.

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