The GOWDY Family

British Columbia, Canada

Percy Goudy - submitted by Capt. Ed J. Goudy
Percy Goudy married Grace (last name unknown) and had four sons: Jack, Robert, Edward and Sonny. Edward Goudy married Elizibeth Primrose Kerr. Edward and Elizibeth Goudy are the parents of Capt. Ed J. Goudy.  It is believed the family originated from southern US with some children being born in Canada and others in the US.  There is a Goudy Road in Ladner BC named after great-grandfather Goudy who pioneered locally.

Goudey Family - miscellaneous information

I have been looking at some old New England court records from the early 1700s and have noted that records for an Amos Gowdy changed from Gowdy circa 1730 to Goudy circa 1740 to Goudey circa 1760. Also Elizabeth Goudey who Married George Goudey was spelled Gowdy on the early records, and Goudey on her headstone. I wonder if one of the children of these early families could have retained the Gowdy spelling and become your branch of the Famliy. All of the early Gowdy/Goudeys that I have been looking at were Fishermen and moved up and down the coast and only settled in one place when they got married. Most of these early Gowdy/Goudeys were apparently born in Ireland. The first record I have in New England Is Katherine Goudey born in 1709.

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